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Creed,Hank Sr.,Hank Jr.,George Jones,Johnny Cash, some rock and some rap...i listen to just about everything..

Interesting facts about me

Hello everyone,
I have grown up around the towing industry all my life not only have I been building these trucks all my life, I have operated them as well, so I am experienced in all aspects of these trucks....I'm not a salesman and don't try to be, I am more into the technical side of things, My Father Don Roberts started this company and we are family owned and operated. We are here for our customers no matter what and I will help them the best Ican. Even if they are not a customer of our product Iwill go out of my way to help as I think that is how people should be....As far as Nomar customers go, I am here for them just the same.... As we now own Nomar since 2005...We manufacture  all Nomar parts from the bodies,booms, undereach,wear pads...etc I am here to answer any questions anyone might have and I am always willing to help...I work from home and work and I always monitor tow411 on the Dual-Tech and Nomar forums weekdays and weekends does not matter if I can not answer your question on the spot I promise to get you that answer as soon as possible....We at Dual-Tech strive on customer satisfaction and we believe we build a quality product for the end user...We are here to help our customers even long after they buy a unit, even if they don't buy from us we are always willing to help.

Find us on Tow "Home of Da Moose".  Tow Connections is a website created by professional towing operators from across North America.  A place where you can speak your mind without fear of censorship.  Other websites require you to pay annual membership fees for full access, but Tow Connections does not.  Please check us out!

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